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白白庵 企画 オンライン+ギャラリー開催 | PAKUPAKUAN presents Online + Gallery exhibition


~永遠の子供から 未来の大人への手紙~
A letter from an eternal child to the adult in future.

白白庵 企画 オンライン+ギャラリー開催
金工作家 ・ 角 居 康 宏 個 展

Metalworking artist SUMII Yasuhiro solo exhibition
"Midnight Workshop"

 日時 2021年11月13日(土) 午前11時 ~ 22日(月)午後7時
 会場 白白庵オンラインショップ 《PAKUPAKUAN.SHOP》 内特設ページ

【ON LINE viewing】
 DATE & TIME : 2021.11.13 Sat. 11:00am. - 22 Mon. 7:00pm.
 VENUE : Special issues page on 《PAKUPAKUAN.SHOP》
 日程 2021年11月13日 (土)・14日 (日)・20日 (土)・21日(日) 《予約不要・入場無料》

 時間 午前11時~午後7時
 会場 白白庵(1階エントランスギャラリー&茶室、2階サロン)

【GALLERY exhibition】
 DATE : Only Saturday & Sunday during 2021.11.13 Sat. - 22 Mon. 《No appointment required, entrance free》
 *Please contact us if you hope to visit gallery on Monday or Friday by mail, telephone, or message from any SNS.
 *Closed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
 *Mask wearing, alcohol sterilization, the thermometry at the entrance are required.
 TIME : 11:00am. to 7:00pm.
 VENUE : PAKUPAKUAN (Entrance gallery at 1st floor & Tea room, salon at 2nd floor)

ポット、注器 各種 Various pots & pitchers

【酒数奇者・佐々木達郎 の「俺の酒・俺の盃」ライブ配信】
 11月13日(土) 午後5時~ (約45分)
 出演 佐々木  達郎 (酒数奇者 / 「酒器道楽」主宰)
    角居   康宏 (金工作家)
 *白白庵Facebookページから配信します。 https://www.facebook.com/pakupakuan
 ≫ 酒数奇者・佐々木達郎 の「俺の酒・俺の盃」過去のライブ配信動画


【Talk live streaming by SASAKI Tatsuro (Man of well-cultivated tastes for sake) "My sake, my cups"】
 viewing free
 [Date] NOV 13 (Sat), 2021 [Time] 17:00~ (about 45min.)
 [Talk live] SASAKI Tatsuro ("Man of well-cultivated tastes for sake" / The representative of "SHUKI DO-RAKU")
      SUMII Yasuhiro (Metalworking artist)
 *Stream on PAKUPAKUAN Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pakupakuan
 ≫ Talk live streaming by SASAKI Tatsuro, Past live streaming video.

佐々木 達郎 SASAKI Tatsuro

ぐい呑 各種 Guinomi (Sake cup)

酒器&カップ Sake pitcher & cup




SUMII Yasuhiro has been creating works with a pure heart, as if his love for crafts from childhood had grown up without changing.
He has been working as an artist for a long time, and his reputation as a metalworker is well established.
He was born and raised in Ishikawa Prefecture, and now has established NAKAJO ART LOCATION "BA" in Nakajo City, Nagano Prefecture.
He is very busy with daily production and management of the "BA".

His works are sought-after by galleries all over Japan, and also he is an important regular artist at PAKUPAKUAN.
This will be his second solo exhibition, following last year's one, which was held exclusively online.
This year's exhibition is a step forward from last year's one, and now you can visit the gallery on Saturdays and Sundays without a reservation.

In addition to his well-established sake cups and pitchers, he also exhibits his unique aesthetics in vases, tea utensils, and interior items.
All of his works share the same aesthetic sense for form and practicality for long-lasting use.
Making the most of the characteristics of tin, which has been regarded as the second most valuable material after gold and silver since ancient times, he has given shape to his finely honed sensibility by painstakingly beating and forging it.
Once you have a piece of his works in your hands, it will become a treasure that you will never be able to part with.

ツリーカップ(一式) Tree of cups (set)

ペン立て Pen holder レリーフ「雲」 Relief “Cloud”

【 白白庵オンラインショップ 期間限定 】 PAKUPAKUAN.SHOP For a limited time ※会期終了しました。This exhibition was finished.
Burned & Metamorphosed Psychological landscape
Silhouette and Matiere
Tools of the daily life from workshop
白白庵オンラインショップでは上記作品他にもより多くの作品を掲載しております 【期間限定】 金工作家・角居 康宏 個展 「真夜中の工作室」
and more PAKUPAKUAN.SHOP Metalworking artist SUMII Yasuhiro solo exhibition "Midnight Workshop"

【 出 展 作 家 】 Artist
角居 康宏 SUMII Yasuhiro

(金工作家 / 長野県在住)
1968 石川県生まれ
1993 金沢美術工芸大学 美術工芸学部産業美術学科 工芸デザイン専攻 卒業
1995 「天理ビエンナーレ」(奈良)
2005 「中国国際画廊博覧会」(北京, 中国)(ʼ06)
2007 「まつしろ現代美術フェスティバル」(松代 / 長野)(ʼ08)
2009 「佐野ルネッサンス鋳金展」[優秀賞受賞](佐野市, 栃木)
2015 個展(志賀高原ロマン美術館 / 長野)
2016 個展(関口美術館 / 東京)
2017 個展(信州高遠美術館 / 長野)
2018 「シンビズム」(信州ミュージアムネットワーク選抜展)

公式サイト https://www.yasuhiro-sumii.com/

Metalworking artist / Resident in Nagano pref.
【Brief personal history】
1968 Born in Ishikawa Japan
1993 Graduate from Kanazawa University of Art and Craft
1995 Tenri Biennale (Nara)
2005 China International Gallery Exposition (Beijing China) (ʼ06)
2007 Matsushiro Contemporary Art Festival Vol.6(Nagano) (ʼ08)
2009 Sano renaissance[silver prize] (Sano, Tochigi)
2015 Solo Exhibition [Shigakogen roman museum] (Tokyo)
2016 Solo Exhibition [Sekiguchi Art Museum] (Tokyo)
2018 Shinbism(Selection of Shinsyu Museum Network)

【 企画・ディレクション 】 Planning, Direction
石橋 圭吾 (白白庵) ISHIBASHI Keigo (PAKUPAKUAN)

ティッシュケース Tissue case

花器 各種 Vases

注器 Pitcher 注器 各種 Pitchers