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白白庵・阪神百貨店美術画廊 企画 | PAKUPAKUAN and HANSHIN Department Art gallery Planning


Listen to the sound of raindrops

白白庵・阪神百貨店美術画廊 企画
陶 ・ 津 田 友 子 展

Ceramic artist TSUDA Tomoko solo exhibition
"UTEKISEI" ~ How to hear the raindrop sound ~

 会期 2021年 6月16日(水)~22日(火) 午前10時~午後8時 (最終日は午後5時まで)

 会場 阪神梅田本店 7階 阪神美術画廊
    〒530-8224 大阪府大阪市北区梅田1丁目13-13
    TEL 06-6345-1201(代表)

 DATE & TIME 2021.6.16 Wed. - 22 Tue. 10:00am. - 8:00pm. (Last day - 5:00pm.)
        *closed on Saturday & Sunday
 VENUE    Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store / 7F Art gallery
        1-13-13, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka zip 530-8224
        TEL. 06-6345-1201




抹茶を楽しむ茶器として、津田友子の代表的な作品である楽焼の 茶盌 も、より印象深くダイナミックに進化を遂げています。




RAKU ware tea utensils have been the foundation of TSUDA Tomoko's works since her first training in pottery.
RAKU ware is popular for its soft and gentle texture and for the various colors of red, white, scarlet, gray, and ink.
On the other hand, her series of high-fired tableware, drinking vessels, and flower vases, which she started after the birth of her own child, have evolved into luxurious items over the past 10 years, and the charm of the glazes, which she is constantly researching, has established another image of TSUDA Tomoko.

In this solo exhibition, she will exhibit a number of new works in each of the three categories of how to enjoy "drinking".

The "WAZUKA Tea Utensil" series was created in collaboration with WAZUKACHO-town in Kyoto prefecture, which is known as a production area of Uji tea and is famous for the splendid scenery of its tea fields. The series includes works for brewing and savoring Sencha green tea, especially "Houhin", which is the original type of teapot.

RAKU ware tea bowls, one of TSUDA Tomoko's most popular tea utensils for enjoying matcha, have also evolved to become more impressive and dynamic.
The texture and color can only be expressed with RAKU ware, and the soft weight can be felt for the first time when you hold it in your hands.
We have prepared a variety of items that we are confident will attract both experienced and novice tea drinkers.

The last "Drinking" category expresses the enjoyment of sake and various other alcoholic beverages.
There is no difference between tea and sake in terms of taste and relaxation.
This exhibition features unique items such as sake cups, compotes, and unique lipped bowls to make such moments more gorgeous.

The title of the solo exhibition, "UTEKISEI," is a Zen terminology born from a Zen question and answer about how to listen to the sound of rain.
TSUDA discovered this word from the impression of the flowing glazes in her new works.

We hope that you will listen carefully to the ordinary things that happen to you everyday, sharpen your sensitivity, and bring more beauty into your life.

「雨滴聲釉片口」 Raindrop glaze lipped bowl 「赤 茶盌」 Red "RAKU" tea bow

「猫足ボート 金彩クロ釉」 Cat boat with cabriole legs / gold paint black glaze 「楽盃」 RAKU sake cup

【 出 展 作 家 】 Artist
津田 友子 (未央窯) TSUDA Tomoko | BIOU Kiln

1975 京都で生まれる
京都府立陶工高等技術専門校 成形科を修了
京都市立工業試験場 陶磁器コース本科を修了
2015 京都花園の窯を「未央窯」と名付け、制作に励む。


1975 born in Kyoto
1997~ for seven years, studied under YOSHIMURA Rakunyu (the artist of the hand-molded earthenware “RAKU”)
    completed Kyoto Prefectural ceramist high technique specialized school, Molding department
    completed Industrial Research Institute of Kyoto, Ceramics course
2015 named the kiln at Hanazono, Kyoto, as “BIOU KILN” and work hard at production.
A lot of handling in department stores, based in PAKUPAKUAN, Tokyo, energizing by solo exhibitions,
group exhibitions in each place of Japan.

【 企画・ディレクション 】 Planning, Direction
石橋 圭吾 (白白庵) ISHIBASHI Keigo (PAKUPAKUAN)