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白 白 庵 ・ 特 別 茶 会 | PAKUPAKUAN Special tea party


川 原 宗 敦 KAWAHARA Soatsu

「 令 和 元 日 茶 会 」

Tea Ceremony conducted by KAWAHARA SOATSU : " REIWA new year`s day tea ceremony "

日 程 2 0 1 9 年 5 月 1 日 ( 水・祝 )
時 間 1 3 : 0 0 ~ 1 7 : 0 0
会 場 白白庵(1階茶室)
会 費 小学生以上高校生まで:無料(小学生は保護者同伴必須)
予 約 不要(時間内で先着順40名様まで)
[Date] May 1 (Wed. National Holiday)
[Time] From 1 pm to 5 pm
[Place] PAKUPAKUAN (Tea room on the 1st Floor)
[Fee] From elementary school students to high school students: Free of charge. (All elementary school students must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian.)
    Parents, guardians, and adults: 1,000 yen (Tax included)
    *A cup of matcha tea will be served, including sweets.
[Reservation] No need to book (Guests will be served in order of arrival, to the first 40 guests)

お軸はテレビCMなどでも活躍中の書道家 万美がこの日のために書き上げたものを披露。
On the memorial first day of “Reiwa” era, we will be holding the tea ceremony for families at the tea room in PAKUPAKUAN. For the begging of the new period, the tea ceremony will provide the rare opportunity to experience the tea culture with children who bear the future.
Of course, adults can participate in the tea ceremony, regardless of whether you are beginners of the tea ceremony or tea masters.

Ms. KAWAHARA will be using artworks that PAKUPAKUAN deals with, especially the works by IZUNO Kazumasa (ceramic artist), who holds his solo exhibition on the 3rd floor.
Calligrapher MAMI, who has appeared on a TV commercial, writes a hanging scroll of calligraphy for the tea ceremony and her work will be displayed in the tea room.
Please feel free to invite your family and friends.
呈茶 川原 宗敦 (茶道教室 乙亥会 代表代行)

茶道教室 乙亥会 代表代行

Tea Serving KAWAHARA Soatsu (Deputy of the representative of Tea ceremony school OTOIKAI)

Born in Yokohama city, in 1983.
Started to learn the tea ceremony at the tea school in her house when she was a child.
Gained the name of her own tea room and the name as a tea master in 1999.
She teaches the tea ceremony at the tea school that she learned, and produces her own tea ceremonies for mothers with infants or for elementary school students, as a mother of 3 kids.
She works to promote from her unique perspective, aiming to enable everyone to experience the joy of the tea ceremony.
TEL. 03-3402-3021 (受付時間 11:00-20:00 *木曜定休)